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Multi-Hand Atlantic City Blackjack

Multi-Hand Atlantic City Blackjack is a new Blackjack game released from Roxy Palace Casino.

The Atlantic City Blackjack is an American Hole Card Game. It is played with eight standard 52 card decks that are shuffled before each game..

The aim of the game is still the same. You need to beat the Dealerís hand byt either getting a higher value hand, or by the Dealerís Hand going bust. But you canít go over a value of 21. With the Multi-Hand Atlantic City Blackjack you can play up to 5 hands at once!

The Blackjack hand is still the strongest hand in Atlantic City Blackjack, it cannot be beaten. It can only be matched.

Insurance and Late Surrender are offered. And Splitting and Doubling Down are allowed under specific circumstances.