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Are Slots Addictive?
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Slots and Gambling Addiction

Just how addictive are Slots, anyway?

Slots: King of the Casino

Slots are the undisputed king of the casino, both online and off. Slot games are the most popular casino game played in Vegas, Nevada and at online casinos, accounting for seven out of ten dollars spent gambling. They are also very addictive, and each game should have a warning label.

Slots as Sirens

No expense is spared by the makers of slot machines. They pour millions into the creating of new games with sounds, graphics, features and colours designed to capture and hold attention (often by players in a starey-eyed zombie-like state). These games tease and excite players by giving out rewards frequently.

Trolling for Coins

Players are also encouraged to bet more money than they indend to. How? By offering more paylines to wager on and offering jackpots. It's no accident that you have to put in more coins - even max coins - in order to qualify to win on all the paylines and the full amount of the jackpots. Very clever marketing, indeed.

Devil Voice

It's common knowledge that the slots give out enough rewards to make the little voice inside your head shout out, "just one more spin, I'm so close now, I'm sure to hit big next spin!". Don't listen to it!

That little voice is the same devil that tells smokers to smoke and drinkers to drink - it's the voice of compulsion.

Play Smart

The bottom line is this: The house always has an edge. You CAN win huge jackpots at the slot machines, but you have to play smart. You must have a budget and leave when you have spent it. Easier said than done, but it's imperative that slot players firm up their resolve to do this.

For basic guidelines for smart slot playing, read our Slot Tips article. For those who play smart, playing the slots is an excellent and often rewarding hobby. Good luck on the slots!