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Lots a Loot Progressive Slot Games

Lots a Loot Progressive Slots

With 3 rows, 3 reels, 5 pay lines and 1 spin. You can bet 5 coins to be eligible for the pregressive jackpot. When you get 3 Lots a Loot symbols on the fifth play line you win the progressive jackpot!! You only have to put in a minimum of $0.50, up to a maximum of $2.50! The only thing that this progressive jackpot slot machine doesn't offer are bonus games.

A Lots a Loot symbol completes the winning combination paying 2 times the regular coin payout.

Two Lots a Loot symbols completes the winning combination, paying 4 times the regular coin payout.


    3 Lots a Loot symbols:
  • Fifth payline Progressive Jackpot
  • Fourth payline 2500 coins
  • Third payline 2000 coins
  • Second payline 1500 coins
  • First payline 1000 coins

    3 sevens: 80 coins
  • 3 3-Bar symbols: 60 coins
  • 3 2-bar symbols: 40 coins
  • 3 1-bar symbols: 10 coins
  • 3 of any Bar symbols: 4 coins