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Break Da Bank Slots

Break Da Bank 3 Reel Slots

Break Da Bank is a lively three reel, five payline, and five coin slot game. Break Da Bank is a terrific slot games for high rollers, as it features denominations up to $25.00 winners. Boasting a generous jackpot of 2400 coins, hitting it is like winning a lottery, with odds better than progressive games.

The wild symbol is "Break da Bank", and hitting this multiplies your winnings. Twice the winnings if one wild symbol lands; Four times the winnings if two wild symbols land! Hold on to your pants, because if three wild symbols land on any line, you'll will up to $1600.


  • You must play 5 coins (that's the maximum coins playable) for all lines to count. You see, for every coin you play, an additional payline is activated. As in most slot games, it is highly recommended that you play maximum coins (5 in Bread Da Bank) to maximize your payouts. You can't win the full jackpot unless you do.


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