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Slot Games 101: The Basics
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Slot Games - the Basics

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If the reason you play the slots is to have fun, then slots is for you! If your reason is to make money, then you are much better off learning and practicing skill-based casino games and leaving the games of chance behind. You see, slot games are absolutely a game of chance. Slot Machines put the "gamble" in gambling.

The outcome of every slot game is random - particularly now that computer chips and random number generators power the slots. Each and ever spin is a new one, and the outcome of every spin is absolutely random. The randomness of online slot games are regulate and measured periodically. While some games naturally pay out more than others, all slot machines favour the house.

Minimize Your Losses at the Slots

The best way to increase your wins is to minimize your losses. Two cliches must have their roots in gambling are two every slot player should keep in mind:

  • 1. Quit while you're ahead - As long as you are on a winning streak, keep on playing, but leave as soon as you notice a downward trend
  • 2. Cut your losses - Quit while you're ahead - Never chase your losses hoping to recoupe them - Cut your losses by leaving when you're having a bad day.

Another very important skill slot players need is budgeting. Know before hand exactly how much you are willing to spend (and willing to lose!) each session. Adhere strickly to this number and leave the slot games when you reach it. Again, don't chase your losses.

Slot Games: Reels, Rows and PayLines


Whether you're playing a traditional slot machine or a video slot machine, they all have reels. The usual number of reels is 3 or 5. 3 is the traditional number of reels and may feature one or more payline. 5 reel slots have more than one payline.


Rows are the horizontal lines across the play surface of the slot machine. There are one or more rows on every game. Some games feature rows between to paylines. All paylines are rows, but not all rows are paylines!


Paylines are the heart of all slot machines. There may be anywhere from one payline to over 20. video slot machines offer the most paylines. Paylines may be horizontal or diagonal. On some machines they zig-zag across the screen! When the designated symbols line up along the paylines the player wins.

Bonus Feature Slots:

Some slot machines offer players a little extra fun: Bonus Features. Bonus features are usually a separate screen offering a little contest, such as a shooting game or so on, where you can win a little extra cash. You reach the bonus screen after a win.

Scatter Symbols:

Some slot games have scatter symbols. When a certain number of the scatter symbols are present on the final screen, you're in for a treat. In the very popular video slot game, Thunderstruck Slots, getting 3 scatter symbols on the screen grants you 15 FREE spins that payout at a higher rate. Bonus features are great fun, and favourites with players.

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